Solutions RBE Automation specialises in the supply and support of high technology automation solutions:
  • General consulting
  • Project management
  • Design and implementation of electrical/electronic/software systems
  • Design and supply of motor control centres/PLC enclosures
  • Electrical installation
  • Commissioning of control systems


RBE Automation’s service ethic ensures that the company backs up its solutions and supply capabilities with high standards of service, including:

  • Back-up - available on a 24-hour basis in case of emergency breakdowns.
  • Repairs - undertaken on automation equipment supplied by us.
  • Planned maintenance - provided on a call-out or contract basis.
  • Training - training of client staff using approved material and covering both theoretical and applications aspects.


RBE Automation supplies a wide range of electrical/electronic/software automation products:

  • Data Processing - programmable logic controllers; industrial networks
  • Man-Machine Dialogue - SCADA. Systems; man-machine terminals
  • Power Control - AC/DC variable speed drives; soft starters; switchgear
  • Detection - proximity, photo, limit and pressure switches; encoders; instrumentation; protection devices and other standard products.
We have also supplied conveyor systems for preparation part of the fruit drying process:

  • receiving bins
  • washing bins
  • sorting conveyors
  • peeling tables
  • cutting/slicing conveyor
  • spreader conveyor
With the conveyors automated.